Even Donald Trump’s biggest fans have to admit that as president, he didn’t take the traditions of his job seriously. Instead of working 24 hours a day, he Apparently I watched tons of TV. Instead of following the law and preserving all White House documents, he tear them up or stuff them down the toilet, clogging it. But that’s not all he would do with government documents.

According to ABC NewsTrump’s longtime aides informed federal prosecutors that he repeatedly used White House documents as a great place to scribble to-do lists:

As described to ABC News, the aide, Molly Michael, told investigators that — more than once — she received requests or tasks from Trump that were written on the back of note cards, and she later admitted these cards as sensitive White House documents – with visible elements. Classification Marks – used to brief Trump while he was still in office on phone calls with foreign leaders or other internationally-related matters.

Last summer, when federal authorities searched Mar-a-Lago for government documents that had not been returned as requested, they did not take those cards with them. Instead, Michael later discovered them under a storage drawer. She then helped transfer them to the FBI.

Sources also say Michael claimed that after Trump learned the feds wanted to interview him last year, he allegedly told him, “You don’t know anything about the boxes.” »

Of the 91 criminal charges Trump faces, 37 of them are related to the case accusing him of mishandling government documents. Of Michael’s claims, a Trump spokesperson said they lacked “proper context and relevant information” in addition to being part of “illegal leaks.”

Regardless, Trump isn’t worried about getting into trouble, saying he don’t even “think” about going to jail. This contradicts previous reports that, yes, it is very worried about going to slammer.

(Via ABC News)