DAs expected, former American President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in the state of Nevada. The Associated Press news agency reported this on Thursday evening. Trump therefore has a vote share of almost 100 percent and can secure at least 25 of the state's 26 delegate votes. Trump's last serious competitor, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, had already stood for election on Tuesday – but she received fewer votes than for the option “none of the named candidates”.

Trump was not on the ballot on Tuesday because, unlike in the other states, Republicans in Nevada had two different votes on two different days this year. The background is a dispute over how primary elections should take place in the state. A classic primary election therefore took place on Tuesday, with Haley on the ballot and without Trump. However, there were no delegate votes up for grabs for the party's nomination convention. A so-called caucus followed on Thursday. In this vote, Trump stood for election, but not Haley. Unlike Tuesday, the caucus was about delegate votes.

The next Republican primary is now scheduled for both at the same time on February 24th in South Carolina. Although Trump clearly dominates the race, Haley remains committed to running in her home state and has numerous campaign appearances planned there in the coming weeks.

Anyone who wants to become a presidential candidate in the United States must first win internal party primaries. The candidates are then officially chosen at party conferences in the summer. The actual presidential election takes place at the beginning of November. Everything currently indicates that there will be a new duel between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who wants to defend his office.