TV column “WTF, USA?! Trump versus Biden”: the confused election campaign in the USA: “We are laughing at the moment!”

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:56 AM

ARD shows the report “WTF, USA?! Trump vs. Biden. The US is deeply divided ahead of the November elections. There are two old white men. And Gen Z doesn't feel represented.

In the late evening, ARD shows a report by its US correspondent Gudrun Engel. A journalist is a pleasant representative of his profession: knowledgeable, calm, curious. “WTF, USA?! “Trump vs. Biden” is the title of the first show, ie: What the Hell? Or in German: what the hell! ARD reporter Gudrun Engel says: “The election campaign will be very dirty indeed!” Why? One conclusion of the documentary worth watching is: “Society is divided, people see each other as enemies.” This is analyzed by Washington political expert Jessica Taylor.

He also says Trump and Biden are “the two least popular candidates we've ever had.” And people's worries are big: high inflation, expensive food and rising mortgage rates. Although Trump has “broken all the norms of American politics”, his chances of winning the election are still high.

Old white men – afraid of young voters

Meet Sharon Anderson, 67. She's an absolute Trump fan and travels across the country to see her political hero perform. He finances his travels by producing and selling elderberry syrup. He says, “To me, Trump is the star of America!” He feels more secure under his government. What if Biden wins again? “Then this country is gone!” And also this: “At the moment we are a laughing stock!”

21-year-old Mollie Duffy from Ohio wants to encourage young people to choose. 41 million Generation Z people will participate in the next election for the first time. “But politicians over 70 are afraid of young voters.” The reporter asks Mollie if she gets the impression that Biden and Trump are interested in her and her age group? Mollie just laughs and shakes her head. He is frustrated by the fact that “only old white men can afford to campaign”. And this is also bad: the distances to the polling stations are huge, which is why many young people without a driver's license do not participate in the elections.

The cowboy is sad – he is hostile to his people

In Wyoming, David Fales—cowboy, entrepreneur, and father of eleven—is now persona non grata. He represents old conservative values ​​and has long voted for the Republican side. However, he does not want to support Donald Trump. For one reason: “I don't want someone who bullies other people to become president.” Therefore, he is now viewed with hostility by his party colleagues and neighbors. He looks down and swallows, “This is a tragedy.”

Trump's girlfriend Sharon met ARD journalist Gudrun Engel while camping. He tells us more by the fire. The 2020 election was stolen from Trump. “Since then, I no longer trust the system.” In Sharon's opinion, the nation should have properly conducted the storming of the Capitol. One thing he believes very strongly: “If it takes a civil war to restore the country, I would accept it and die for it.” Journalist Gudrun Engel is visibly upset. So this is what it looks like – a country that many describe as divided.