German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has strongly condemned the Russian air strike on Kiev, which damaged a children's hospital. “The missile attack on a children's hospital is a terrible war crime that once again shows the incredible inhumanity with which Putin is waging his war against Ukraine,” she said in a statement, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“When we see the cruelty of the war, it becomes clear how important it is that 1.18 million people from Ukraine have now found protection in Germany from Putin's missiles and tanks,” said the SPD politician. “We have saved many lives in this way.” Among the refugees are more than 350,000 children and young people. “We will continue to protect them in Germany.”

A total of 1,116 seriously wounded, injured and sick Ukrainians have now been evacuated to Germany. “Many victims have lost limbs, they have gunshot and explosion injuries. They are receiving the best possible medical treatment in Germany.” Children with terrible war injuries have also been brought to Germany. Further evacuations are imminent.