The Capitol, home of the US Senate, in Washington on Wednesday evening
Image: AP

The legislative package provided $118 billion for securing the US border with Mexico as well as for aid to Ukraine and Israel. Foreign aid will now be decided separately in a second vote.

DThe US Senate has rejected a legislative package worth $118 billion (around 110 billion euros) that would provide money for securing the US border with Mexico and aid for Ukraine and Israel. The package failed to pass on Wednesday due to a lack of approval from Republicans. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced a quick second vote that would only focus on foreign aid.

The Republicans' “no” to the latest draft of the legislative package had already become apparent. The bill will be “dead on arrival” if it reaches the House of Representatives, said House Republican leader Mike Johnson. The former Republican US President Donald Trump, who will most likely run against incumbent Joe Biden in the election next November, had also spoken out clearly against it in advance.

The so-called National Security Supplementary Act includes, among other things, $60 billion to support Ukraine. Also planned are $14.1 billion in support for Israel and $20.2 billion for border security. The compromise negotiated by Democrats and Republicans also includes numerous changes to immigration policy.