The leading American index Dow Jones Industrial rose 1.09 percent to 39,721 points in Wednesday trading. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 also gained 1.09 percent to 20,675 points. And the S&P 500 closed at 5,633 points, a new all-time high.

Apple is once again the most valuable company in the world

Apple posted particularly strong earnings and McDonald's, each up 1.9 percent. With the addition, Apple's value now stands at $3.57 trillion (3.31 trillion euros). Apple, under CEO Tim Cook, has overtaken previous leader Microsoft and is now back in first place in the global rankings.

Fearful eyes on US inflation

Investors are looking with excitement to the US today, where consumer prices for June will be published. According to Bloomberg, market observers expect an inflation rate of 3.1 percent, which would mean a slight decline.

US inflation data for June 2024 will be released to the public at 2:33 p.m. The lower the values, the more likely it is that the US Federal Reserve will soon cut interest rates. Its head, Jerome Powell, recently expressed reservations about such a move.

Dax recovers ahead of US inflation data

The German leading index Dax rose 0.94 percent to 18,407 points on Wednesday. The MDax The shares of medium-sized companies gained 1.43 percent to 25,613 points and rose again across Europe. The leading Eurozone index, the EuroStoxx 50, gained 1.13 percent to 4,958 points. The national stock exchanges in Paris and London rose somewhat more moderately.

Among individual stocks, Volkswagen shares recovered almost completely recovered from their morning losses and closed just 0.3 percent lower. The Wolfsburg-based company lowered its margin forecast for 2024 due to multi-billion-euro costs caused by the closure of Audi's factory in Brussels.

Delivery Hero increases by 9.2 percent

Delivery Hero continued to stabilise and rose 9.2 percent. The prospect of a more profitable business in South Korea boosted the price as the food delivery company's subsidiary Woowa Brothers wants to review its pricing structures.