NAccording to media reports, after the air strike on an Iranian embassy building in Damascus that was allegedly carried out by Israel's military and resulted in several deaths, the USA is expecting an Iranian retaliation strike, according to media reports. The CBS broadcaster reported on Friday, citing US government officials, that the target and time of the expected attack were unknown. However, the representatives assumed that an attack on an Israeli diplomatic facility was conceivable by the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan next week. “We are definitely very alarmed,” a US official told Reuters.

CNN said on Friday, citing a high-ranking US government official, that the US was actively preparing for a “significant” attack next week. High-ranking US government officials believed a retaliatory strike was inevitable. This assumption is shared on the Israeli side. According to the representative, both governments are preparing intensively for an Iranian attack, “which could take different forms.” Both US and Israeli targets could be targeted. However, both governments do not know “when and how Iran is planning a counterattack.”

CBS, citing U.S. government officials, reported U.S. intelligence that Iran was planning an attack with drones and cruise missiles. The question is whether they would be sent from Iranian territory or from Iraq or Syria.

The information in the reports could not be independently verified.

Two brigadier generals and five other members of the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed in the air strike on the Iranian embassy in Syria's capital Damascus on Monday. Iran then announced retaliation, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in turn threatened consequences if Iran attacked his country. The Revolutionary Guards are Iran's elite armed forces and are considered more powerful than the conventional armed forces.

Iran's threats against Israel were also raised in a phone call between US President Joe Biden and Netanyahu on Thursday. According to the White House, Biden made it clear that the USA supports Israel in the face of these threats.