Red roses, lingerie and chocolates? It can be done, it is not necessary. If you want to surprise your partner with flowers, etc., you are guaranteed to be more successful the remaining 364 days of the year than on Valentine's Day. We have found for you a cozy idea with a greater surprise effect, with which your loved one can be happy for more than a few days. If you follow our advice you won't end up like the couple in our cover photo. Fiance!

Lots of comfort, little stress: federiko duvet cover

No more arguments about the duvet: this one gift idea It not only makes your favorite person happy, but also yourself. Because “stolen” blankets can end relationships. The solution: two separate roofs or a blanket big enough for you both to snuggle up in!

Soft, cuddly and big: those handmade in Germany Down comforters of
Federiko creates a wonderfully pleasant sleeping environment. For all those who like simplicity and do not want to change their blanket depending on the season, this is the practice. Blanket for all year round. created. If your partner especially likes heat in bed, you are with them warm and tender version well advised. Couples who sweat sleep with their clothes airy and lightly filled. summer version Perfectly air-conditioned even on warm nights.

The three duvets have the standard size 135 x 200 cm and also the size
Available large size 155 x 220 cm. Separate blankets or one giant blanket? You have the option!