He Norwegian Biathletes take the competition to the ground. On Sunday the Scandinavians occupied the top five places in the men's pursuit category of the World Cup.

But the celebration on the winners' podium was mixed with bitter tears. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (31) has to face a blow of fate in a World Cup for the second time in his life.

Christiansen already lost his grandmother during a World Cup

The third place winner cried for his grandfather (†97) at the awards ceremony. Christiansen's grandfather died on Friday, the news reached Christiansen during the World Cup in Nove Mesto. “So it was quite difficult to motivate myself for this weekend,” Christiansen told Norwegian television station NRK.

“My parents told him to wait until the weekend and then I would come. But he didn't make it,” said the devastated grandson, who had already won bronze in the sprint on Saturday (February 10).

Particularly bitter: Last year, Christiansen's grandmother (†93) died during the peak of the season. The joy for the medal was mixed with sadness on the winners' podium. “It was a bit of both, because this year, like last year, I lost a grandfather in the World Cup,” Christiansen explained.

Christiansen ended up chasing him behind his compatriots Johannes Thingnes Bö and Sturla Holm Laegreid. Behind them were Johannes Dale-Skjevdal and Tarjei Bö. “Both grandfathers are now sitting in heaven, enjoying the biathlon and cheering their grandson on with a cup of coffee,” said world champion Bö of the grief in his teammate's family.

After their weak results in the sprint, the Germans had nothing to do with the first positions. Johannes Kühn came in 15th place, followed directly by Benedikt Doll and Philipp Horn. Philipp Nawrath crossed the finish line in 21st place. (with dpa)