“Our lovely celebs won't be dancing with their partners next week!” announced jury member Joachim Llambi (59) last night (April 5) during the live broadcast of the “Let's Dance” show. This rule change met with mixed reactions last year. This year too, neither the dancing stars nor the audience seems to have received the unexpected partner change well.

“Let's Dance”: The stars get a new dance partner

It is already the fifth show, and the dance couples have gotten along well and are working together better and better. But right now, the jury is giving the stars their next challenge: in the sixth show, Detlef D! Soost, 53, Sophia Thiel, 29, Gabriel Kelly, 22, and others will not appear with their usual dance partners, but will be assigned a new partner. This means a whole new challenge: the stars have to quickly adapt to a new person and get back into the swing of things. A task for which the stars clearly have little desire. The dissatisfaction is clearly noticeable during the telecast.

Change of partner: Detlef D! The gender is shocked

Especially Detlef D! The shock is written on Soost's face: dance partner Jekaterina Leonova (36) tries to comfort him. “I'm not looking forward to Ekat-Frei week,” explains Detlef to a question from moderator Daniel Hartwich, 45. But the other stars don't seem happy either – Tony Bauer looks surprised, almost shocked, into the camera.

Viewers don't seem to be interested in the update either and express their displeasure via “X”, the former's Twitter account: “Swapping partners is so rubbish,” says one user and continues: “Then you meet your partner. that you're not really tuned in at worst… Why do you spend weeks building trust and then switch?” Another user has a similar opinion: “I don't think switching partners is good at all. I don't know what it is either. It's not fun,” he explains.