Quebec’s Nordic partisans have long assisted in the retrouveront a franchise of the Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH), but in the meantime, des marchés très populaires such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles continued to suit investors.

Jeudi, the owners of major baseball will unanimously vote as the favorite of the Oakland Athletics’ déménagement against Nevada City in 2028. Before the A’s, the last six formations that will have to pack their bags for a new beginning will speak.

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Las Vegas Raiders – 2020

Less than three teams in five years and the election of Quitter Oakland, a city that is coincident between other major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Golden State Warriors fell in love with the movement in bougeant versus the latter city in 2019, after the Raiders ont suivi, du côté de Las Vegas. All like the A’s, it is the old Oakland Coliseum that gives them the opportunity to find another alternative. Negotiations lasted five years, but the Raiders found their new home at Allegiant Stadium.

Los Angeles Chargers – 2017

This year, the ville des anges a hérité d’une équipe qu’elle ne voulait pas. The response of the partisans to été très froide, puisque les Rams venaient also de revenir. In San Diego, the Chargers cannot negotiate the construction of a new stadium. The owner, Dean Spanos, paid $650 million in relocation to the NFL, and took over the small market place or the team evolved since the 1960s. Les Chargers jouent désormais devant d’excellentes foules, et avec le jeune quart – Arrière Justin Herbert, l’avenir semble plus rose que ever.

Los Angeles Rams – 2016

It is also unlikely that this could happen, Los Angeles was on the NFL team between 1994 and 2016. Ahead of the arrival of the Chargers, the Rams are welcome to “LA.” Il s’agissait d’un retour escortu, puisqu’ils ont défendu l’honneur de la megalopole californienne de 1946 a 1994 avant de déménager à St. Louis. After reporting on the Super Bowl in 1999, magic is stupid and the Rams did not participate in the playoffs between 2005 and 2015. The successes were not present in their second passage, after Sean McVay’s men ont Soulevé le trophée Vince- Lombardi in 2021.

Brooklyn Networks – 2012

The new Barclays Center has had an aura in Brooklyn for a while, but the Nets settled after decades in New Jersey. Les Islanders, in the LNH, did not find their bonheur in this amphitheater adapted to basketball. Il s’agit encore here d’un retour, puisque New York accueilli les Nets de 1968 a 1977. Le célèbre quartier de la Grosse Pomme, lui, était sans équipe sporting professional professional desdepuis le part des Dodgers, au baseball majeur, en 1957.

Winnipeg Jets – 2011

In LNH, the 1990s were busy at the démenagements level, with the North Stars allant in Dallas, the Nordics in Colorado, the Whalers and Caroline du Nord and… the Jets bougeant in Phoenix. Justice arrived in Winnipeg in 2011, when the Atlanta Thrashers’ financial difficulties were hardest on his fans. The Jets are not finally on the Bettman circuit for 15 years.

Oklahoma City Thunder – 2008

The city of Oklahoma City is very well prepared to have an NBA team, as it has temporary shelter service for the La Nouvelle-Orléans Hornets after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Businessman Clay Bennett and his group, the new owners of Seattle’s SuperSonics, can’t finance a $500 million amphitheater project and are quickly approaching the limit in Oklahoma. Quelques passages devant la justice ont été nécessaires afin de briser le dance au KeyArena et un agreement à l’amiable a été trouvé. The team’s finances have been plumbed since then by the owner since 2001, Howard Schultz, who is also the president-CEO of Starbucks.

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