YesIs this what a winner looks like? Mikkel Hansen steps back a little, takes his time, speaks quietly, very focused, serious. It's a scene where people scream, laugh and shout. Beer cans open with a hiss. Mikkel Hansen seems like a foreign body here, as he offers insight into his emotional world long after everyone else has spoken.

When he finally speaks, he actually just praises the young players on the team. They were the key to the title. He uses a few more phrases to describe the pressure he felt because the entire handball world expected the Danish victory. Is this what joy is like? You would want to hug the 196 centimeter long defensive player if it weren't for his internal spacers and the reserve of him. A week later, his Danish club Aalborg HB announced that Mikkel Hansen would be sidelined indefinitely due to stress symptoms. The club asks you to refrain from asking questions out of respect for Hansen.