Wild Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory: What Connects Taylor Swift to the Presidential Election and the Mysterious Number 13

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The Super Bowl and the NFL, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, the US presidential election and the number 13, all of this is inevitably linked. The conspiracy theorists are confirmed before the grand final of the American Football League.

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If the many conspiracy theorists on the Internet have their way, the outcome of this year's Super Bowl is already decided. Consequently, the Kansas City Chiefs will defend the title and defeat the San Francisco 49ers. All thanks to a sophisticated and secret plan by Democrats, the NFL and pop star Taylor Swift.

Swift is probably the most popular person in the world right now. That is why she enjoys great influence, especially in the United States. One reason she could play a key role in the upcoming presidential election.

According to a poll cited by political portal The Hill, 18 percent of the 1,500 respondents said they would be “more likely” or “much more likely” to vote for a candidate Swift supports.

Since the singer sided with Democrat Joe Biden in the last election, There is already panic in right-wing conservative Republican circles.

Taylor Swift and her soccer player

Swift has shaped the media landscape around the world in recent months. With her “Eras Tour” she attracts millions of fans to the largest stadiums and arenas in the world and raises record sums. She recently won the “Album of the Year” honor for the fourth time at the Grammys, the world's most important music award. This makes her the sole holder of the record, ahead of music greats such as Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder.

Things just work out for the pop star, even in love. Her new relationship with NFL pro Travis Kelce is the number one tabloid topic in the United States and many other countries. And in the world of football.

The “Taylor Swift Effect” in the NFL

This is where the superstar's immense appeal becomes evident. Since Swift has been cheering on her friend in stadium lounges week after week, the NFL has seen increased interest in the games. League boss Roger Goodell said Monday that he couldn't deny that the “Taylor Swift effect” had boosted ratings.

This is where conspiracy theorists come into play. The NFL made sure the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl with Kelce to make the largest single sporting event in the world even bigger and to help the Democrats win the next election.

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“I wonder who will win the Super Bowl next month,” former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wrote the morning after the Chiefs' semifinal victory. The politician added: “And I wonder if there will be a major presidential endorsement in the fall from an artificially culturally driven couple. “These are just wild speculations, let’s see how they play out over the next 8 months.”

To support this theory, Swift's favorite number is now cited as evidence.

Taylor Swift and the number 13

Swift is said to be almost obsessed with the number 13. “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first number one song had a 13 second intro. Every time I won an award, I would sit in 13th place, in row 13, in section 13, or in row M, which is the 13th letter of the alphabet. “Basically, it's always good when 13 shows up in my life,” the 34-year-old told MTV News.

There are some fascinating connections to the number 13, of all things, for the upcoming Super Bowl.

  • It's Super Bowl 58: 5 + 8 = 13
  • The game will take place on February 11. instead of: 11 + 2 = 13
  • The Chiefs' opponent is the 49ers: 4 + 9 = 13
  • The 49ers were in first place in the NFC Conference for the playoffs, the Chiefs were in third place in the AFC: 1 and 3 = 13
  • Number of Chiefs wins with Kelce on the field this season (including playoffs): 13
  • The final will also be the 13th game of the season in which Swift will be in the stands.

The Japanese embassy in the United States has specifically assured that the singer will arrive in Las Vegas on time. Swift will perform at a concert in Tokyo about 24 hours before the game. How long to fly from Tokyo to Las Vegas? Around 1 p.m.

It would bode well for Kelce if his girlfriend was at the stadium. On average, the tight end has almost 30 more receiving yards per game when Swift is there. The Chiefs are 9-3 with Swift and just 4-2 without her.

By the way: the Grammy, which he won a week before the Super Bowl, was number 13.