Lukas Keller still had his last doubts, even as he had his sights set on Allegiant Stadium. “Is this really true?” was what was going through the 23-year-old's head as he walked to the site of this year's Super Bowl in his red jersey with the gold No. 87 on Sunday morning (local time). .

Going to the Super Bowl is probably every sports fan's dream, especially, of course, a football fan like Lukas Keller. The NFL final excites the masses beyond sports. Even for music lovers, it is one of the biggest events of the year thanks to the long-awaited halftime show. Lukas Keller will be present live this year.

Cyberport competition won

He won a ticket through Cyberport, the NFL's main entertainment partner in Germany, and a Burda brand. (Note: BurdaForward and FOCUS online are brands of Hubert Burda Media). The technology company sent the soccer fan to the entertainment capital. To Las Vegas.

“Comment, join in,” he thought when he saw the corresponding Instagram post by RTL expert and former NFL player Björn Werner. “But I never would have thought that you would actually win,” he describes in an interview with FOCUS online, right on the sidelines.

The winner first thought it was “fake”

In fact, he was elected. But at first he didn't really believe it. “Björn Werner wrote to me on Instagram. He had the blue mark, but I thought it was fake.”

He only received the ticket a week before the game. “Cyberport had already booked the flight and hotel. But it wasn't until I got the ticket that it really hit me.”

As if a trip to the Super Bowl wasn't enough of an adventure, for Lukas it was even the first flight of his life. “Crazy,” he says himself, and then Las Vegas too. Greater sensory overload is not possible.

Lukas is “totally amazed” by Las Vegas

“I arrived at night. Then you see these LED panels everywhere,” she says, describing the trip. Then the city “completely surprised” him. The legendary strip, the many temples of gambling, such as the Venetian mega casino with its “Venetian” canals.

But he didn't want to risk his luck with the one-armed bandits. The temptation was great, but “I have always been able to resist.”

His friends still react with disbelief when he sends them photos from the city and now from the stadium. A co-worker is American and owns “about 30 NFL jerseys.” Lukas Keller has to admit that he deserves a trip like this. “But he still wished me a lot of fun.”

Lukas Keller has been following the NFL intensely since 2015 and is, so to speak, a child of hype. The Kansas City Chiefs have brightened it up with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “His mobility, how he can always move despite the opponent's pressure and how he can make a throw that is actually no longer possible,” is what impresses him.

And Lukas Keller was lucky again. In fact, the Chiefs and Mahomes reached the finals again and he will be able to watch them live. The result of the match is no longer so important to him. “Hopefully it will be an exciting match with an even result. And in the best case scenario, the Chiefs win.”