Quite tolerable: even older people can survive the circus circus ride.
Image: Fabian Wilking

When older visitors come to Dippemess, they are often accompanied by their grandchildren. People over the age of twenty rarely dare to go wild – with a few exceptions.

AThe bumper car plays “Forever young”. The classics of the group Alphaville accompany the young people in a rectangle of caramel lit by disco lights. Burkhard Daubmann circles around the young people at a respectful distance, on the one hand because of the grandson sitting in the passenger seat. On the other hand, also for self-interest, as he later admits. “You can't stand driving too wild anymore,” he says. Decades ago, he was passionate about using even the most daring rides at fairs. Well, for someone who is in their late sixties, the role of 'grandchild supporter' is more appropriate. “Forever young” remains only a musical illusion. “I can't imagine being on a roller coaster anymore, or even wilder things,” he says. “Now ferris wheels and bumper cars are adventure enough for me.”

This brings him in line with the trend of his age group. Walking around the first Saturday of Dippemess, you almost have to use a magnifying glass to look for people well past adulthood. Passengers in their 50s and even 60s can occasionally be seen at Monte Carlo, where karts whiz down the double-decker race track at a manageable pace and hit 20km/h.