Lady Gaga” singer Peso Pluma quickly became one of the most listened to Latin groups in the world. Due to his growing popularity, he has graced stages around the world, including VMA 2023. However, Peso’s plans to visit Mexico, his home country, do not go as planned.

A few days ago, Peso postponed several shows, leaving fans wondering why. According to reports from USA todaythis could be linked to the recent threats that Peso allegedly received of the Jalisco Next Generation Cartel. A banner hung from a bridge in Tijuana, Mexico, carried a message that (after translation into English) read: “This goes to Peso Pluma, refrain from performing on October 14 as this will be your last show due to your disrespect and loose tongue, you show up and we will (break you).

To ensure the safety of ticket holders who planned to attend the show, which would take place at Caliente Stadium, organizers decided to postpone the event. No new date has yet been announced for the performance.

Netizens believe the harsh warning was issued to Peso due to his multiple references to alleged Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who reportedly did not like Peso’s lyrics on tracks such as “Siempre Pendientes.”

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