“Why does he have more than me?” – we all know the feeling of envy.
Image: Picture Alliance

Jealousy is frowned upon in our society. In an interview, researcher Jan Crusius explains why we all feel jealous from time to time, how we learn to cope with this feeling – and when envy can be good.

Mr. Crusius, why is it so hard for us to admit to ourselves when we are jealous of someone?

Envy is an emotion that is considered morally questionable in many ways. One that should not exist in many religions, philosophical beliefs and approaches to life. There is a norm that you should not be jealous, and it is immoral to feel that way. In addition, the feeling of inferiority is also characteristic of the situation where one is envious. You don't necessarily want to admit it to yourself. It usually has to do with important things that others are better at or more successful at or have more possessions than you. Feeling like you're missing out on something hurts.