Kirsten Dunst and her husband Jesse Plemons at the Oscars in March
Image: Ashley Landis/Invision/AP

Kirsten Dunst has two sons with her husband Jesse Plemons. According to the actress, she has clear rules so that the boys can talk at the table later.

HHollywood actress Kirsten Dunst says she avoids screens and too much digital technology in her family life. “We have turntables,” the 41-year-old told US magazine Variety. “We're not just a 'Siri, play whatever' household.

Dunst said her two sons, ages five and two, who she has with husband and co-star Jesse Plemons, also won't get tablets. “If you want to use an iPad on a plane, it's dad's iPad.” Looking at a mobile phone in a restaurant is not your thing either: “I will not raise a child who cannot talk in a restaurant. table.”

Dunst was last seen in Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog and stars in the new dystopian action film Civil War. Alex Garland's film about the fictional second American Civil War hits German theaters on April 18.

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