ILars Weiser repeatedly looked into the eyes of the pigs and cattle in the pen as they drove to their deaths in the Autobahn 1 slaughterhouse. The biology student at the time regularly commuted from his home in North Rhine-Westphalia to Osnabr├╝ck University. A 1 is the transport artery of living animals. Weiser began to question whether he wanted to support animal suffering with his consumption. Then he made a decision. From now on he wanted to take care of his own meat.

Jannis Holl

Editor in the “Society and Style” department.

A few years later, Lars Weiser, 28 years old and tall enough to go bear hunting with him even without a shotgun, is standing behind a desk at the Hesse hunting school giving a lecture on hunting dogs. After receiving his hunting license, he became a hunting instructor at the Sven Steinr├╝ck Training Institute, who opened the Hessian Hunting School in the town of Schotten in central Hesse in 2015.

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