Ldrool is the color of the hour. Recently, the DFB started wearing them, FC Bayern Munich have flocked their shirts like this since the beginning of the season, and now the Allgäu lake is also purple. The gypsum quarry pond in Faulenbacher Tal near Füssen (Ostallgäu district) has been glowing purple for a few days.

This is due to special bacteria, says a spokesperson for the city of Füssen, referring to the Kempten Water Management Board. The so-called purple bacteria need certain conditions to change the color of the lake. Both the sulfur content in the lake and the fall of light must be correct. This seems to be the case these days.

This phenomenon occurs again and again in Gipsbruchweiher, although not at regular intervals. According to the city, the last time the pond glowed purple was in 2020.

Walkers exposed to altered water need not worry: The purple bacteria are not dangerous, the city says.

If you don't want to miss this natural sight, you should hurry. When it rains, the purple pond in the Allgäu can quickly turn over again.

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