Many goals, no title: but is that why Harry Kane does not succeed?
Image: dpa

Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world, although he has not yet won any championship or cup. But in Munich he also does what he always does: score goals.

Yon the summer of 2003, in which his body after 18 seasons in the North American team NBA Basketball player Karl Malone was already looking for a new club for the first time. He wanted to leave Utah, where he was revered, where he was “The Postman” because, since his first NBA game with the Jazz, the state's premier sports team, he had put the ball in the hoop as effectively as the mailman in the mail mailbox slot. But why then the desire to change? Because the postman wanted to be more than a postman.

And it always has to be said, because I also believed that it had to be more than that, since success is not only talked about in major American sports.