It’s as if it was yesterday that music lovers arrived at Empire Polo Club Grounds speak thousands For Coachella 2023. But in reality, it’s been months since the famous Franck Ocean debacle on stage. The organizer did not waste time since he has already announced the official dates for next year’s festivities.

Even though we are far from there The Coachella 2024 lineup was made public, this did not prevent festival-goers from concocting a some theories. Based on growing rumors online, fans want to know if Justin Bieber will perform at Coachella 2024. In all honesty, anything is possible. However, there is no simple answer.

Frank Ocean made his long-awaited return to Coachella this year after his planned 2020 appearance was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to TMZ, sources revealed that Bieber was also set to appear in the lineup. However, he ultimately declined the slot, apparently stating that at the time his goal was to finish his new album.

Following the sound report World Justice Tour, fans were hoping that Bieber would bounce back onto music’s biggest stage. Instead, he shared a statement revealing that live performances weren’t at the top of his to-do list. “After leaving the stage, the exhaustion caught up with me and I realized that I had to make my health a priority now,” he wrote. “So I’m going to take a break from touring for the moment.”

Now that Bieber seems to have managed his medical conditionfans would love to see him embark on a full tour, or at least a set during Coachella 2024.