Lauren Boebert and her date gets picked up to grope during production of Beetle juice has been the source of incessant jokes since news broke that she had been kicked out of the theater. (The pro-life congressman from Colorado also reportedly vaping near a pregnant woman for an extra touch of schadenfreude.)

However, with the existence of video This clearly shows that Boebert and her date are getting into each other’s hands, the big question is whether she will face criminal charges.

Via News week:

Colorado law states that public indecency is committed when a person performs certain acts in a public place or in a place that the public is likely to see, including lewdly fondling or fondling another person. Sexual intercourse; obscene exhibition of the body but not the genitals, with intent to arouse or gratify sexual desire; and knowingly exposing one’s genitals to the view of another, in circumstances in which such behavior is likely to cause affront or alarm, is also considered public indecency.

Even though Boebert’s actions seem to suit public indecencywhich can include sanctions such as fines, community service, up to 10 days in prison, the MP is not currently considering legal action.

A spokesperson for the Denver District Attorney’s Office said News week “that he has no intention of indicting him”, so it is safe to say that Boebert got away with it in more than one way.

(Via News week)