“I was an absolute daddy's girl,” says ARD program director Christine Strobl, describing her relationship with her father Wolfgang Schäuble in an interview with Bild. “At least as far as my bad qualities are concerned, I can say that I inherited them from him and I can't help it. Impatience is our common trait.” For her, Schäuble was never a great politician, just her father, to whom she could come as a child with all the little things: “I never had the feeling that he was not for her. I was approachable.”

Wolfgang Schäuble's daughter: “His death seems completely unreal”

On December 26, 2023, the CDU politician died surrounded by his loved ones after a battle with cancer. “He's gone every day. His death seems completely unreal. He's still there, sitting on a cloud in the sky, smiling at me and guiding me. That's how I feel – and yes, he has reason to smile and be happy with himself. “He gave us children and to our mother so much love and humor and support throughout our lives and that sustains us now,” her daughter explains.

The death of Wolfgang Schäuble did not come as a surprise to the politician's family. The 81-year-old man wanted to celebrate the last Christmas with his loved ones. “On Christmas Eve around 10 o'clock it was clear that father was dying. His doctors confronted us with the hopelessness of his condition. And yet he really wanted to go to that service with all of us. He collapsed several times in the church because he had no more strength. When the congregation sang “O Happy Thou,” he joined in and also during the prayers. As he left, he told the mayor, “They're going to have a big memorial service soon,” her daughter says of her last days. He hadn't eaten anything at Christmas dinner on December 25, but he had made one last speech to his family.

This is how Wolfgang Schäuble reacted when he found out that he was paralyzed

“When I feel sad today, I say to myself: we could have lost my father 33 years ago. “So it was incredibly nice what we were able to experience with him even after the murder,” says Christine Strobl, referring to the shots fired at Schäuble during the 1990 election campaign. Therefore, the future remained the interior minister was paralyzed for life. His eldest daughter remembers the first time after the attack: “When dad reached a kind of vegetative state after days, he knew immediately that he was paralyzed. He asked: “Why didn't you let me die? I don't know if I want to live like this anymore. Then I had a tantrum. Dad looked at me and said, “Good. It's no use anymore.” After that, I never heard him complain about his condition. On the contrary. It was like he was moving a wheelchair. He also never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him or reduce him to a disability.

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