wwe Superstar Becky Lynch has established a Danger! record, although it’s not one she’s probably proud of.

Lynch appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Danger! this week, facing Home alone actor Macauley Culkin and Saturday night live student Rachel Dratch.

While Lynch, who gave herself the nickname “The Man” for her wrestling skills, is a beast in the ring, the pressure of the trivia show obviously got to her and she is believed to be the first person to give all the wrong answers during the fight. The first 60 tracks of the program.

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Play to benefit The V Foundation charity in support of Connor’s CureLynch left Double Jeopardy! deeply in the red, giving five incorrect answers up to that point.

He left the first round of play with -$700, compared to Culkin’s $2,700 and Dratch’s $3,400.

Culkin and Dratch continued to battle for the lead on Double Jeopardy!, exiting the round with $7,900 and $6,000, respectively, and leaving Lynch in the dust with -$2,500.

Lynch had a slight redemption on Triple Jeopardy!, managing to correctly answer two of the six questions he asked.

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However, despite his distant third place finish, Lynch got a correct answer on Final Jeopardy! and ended up getting $1,000 for his charity.

The big winner of the night was Dratch, who beat Culkin by just $1, taking home $33,601 and earning his spot in the semi-final.

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