This is how high Xabi Alonso's assets are

As Bayer Leverkusen coach Xabi Alonso has already caused a sensation. He has had an impressive career as a professional footballer and coach, which is also reflected in his net worth.

Official figures are missing, but it is true Assets of more than 50 million euros My dear. This assumption is based on their previous annual salaries and lucrative contracts. Especially his time in
real Madrid
With an annual salary of around 12 million euros and his current salary at Bayer Leverkusen of around 6 million euros per year illustrate his financial success.

Alonso also owns real estate, such as a villa of more than 1,000 square meters in Madrid and other houses and properties in San Sebastián and Tolosa.

Xabi Alonso's career and his greatest achievements

Xabi Alonso, born on November 25, 1981 in Tolosa, SpainHe began his professional career at Real Sociedad and played for some of the most respected football clubs in the world, including Liverpool F.C. Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munich .

His achievements include the Champions League, national championship titles and several cups. As a player for the Spanish national team he crowned his career with the 2010 World Cup title and the European Championships 2008 and 2012.

After his resignation, he dedicated himself to a coaching career and initially took charge of Real Madrid's under-14 team before moving to Bayer Leverkusen, where he has a contract until 2026 and is considered Coach established.

This is what is known about Xabi Alonso's private life

Off the pitch, Alonso leads a family life with his wife Nagore Aramburu and his children Jonxte (born March 11, 2008), Ane (born March 30, 2010) and Emma (born December 2, 2010). 2013). He Love to his wife began in 2003 and led to the in 2009 Wedding. The whole family is there more often. instagram seen in everyday scenes.

Xabi Alonso's father as a role model

Xabi Alonso was born with a passion for football; His father Periko, once a successful professional at Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona, ​​is Alonso's role model. This bond shaped his career both as a player and as a player. Coach .

Alonso sees his father as a mentor and values ​​his opinions and advice, as he repeatedly emphasizes in interviews. The family background and associated discipline likely not only helped Alonso have an extraordinary playing career, but also shaped his coaching philosophy.


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