“What jobs are significantly better than most people think?” asks a user on the Reddit platform, used by millions of people. Users share their work in thousands of comments.

The caregiver is “satisfactory”

A comment with thousands of likes states that he has found his professional fulfillment as a caregiver. “I can't take my work home and there is no job that provides more instant gratification than cleaning,” the man said.

Furthermore, in this job “you simply make the world better.” Among the hundreds of responses, other users of the application agree with him. They also highlight the importance of the profession in society.

Another job that is significantly better than its reputation is locksmithing. A man who works like this is happy to be able to use his special abilities to help people. He can also solve different puzzles every day, which brings him satisfaction. “I've had jobs that paid better but didn't make me feel as good,” the man said.

Outdoor jobs are popular

A garbage worker also talks about his job, which he thinks is “great,” because he works outdoors. He also stays active and fit. The salary is also above average. Gardeners also praise his work in the thousands of comments, as do people who work in agriculture and spend most of their time outdoors.

An introvert recommends his job as a hotel receptionist, especially on the night shift, to similar readers. “I read a lot of books or play video games,” the Reddit user writes.

Things also get notable with a funeral director who praises his choice of job. He says he can work with people who are struggling and help them get through difficult times.

Dream jobs in Germany

However, the most popular jobs in Germany are not represented on the list at all. A study by the job portal “Glasdoor”, cited by “Business Insider”, lists mainly technology jobs in the top positions.

Most employees are looking for data scientist, project/product manager, and software developer jobs. The salary is probably especially attractive here.

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