Burkhard Stolla lives alone in a 45 square meter space at Occamstrasse 1, in the heart of Munich's Schwabing promenade and cultural district. The 69-year-old man has lived alone in the entire building for six years.

“I just don't go out,” Stolla told the Abendzeitung newspaper. She moved here 36 years ago when there was no shower or walls in the house. As a former set carpenter at Bavaria Film, he has since contributed to beautifying the apartment and has grown fond of it. The relics of great film hits such as “The Neverending Story”, “Stonk” and “Das Boot” are now in the apartment and are witnesses of this process.

Another possible reason for Stolla to settle: his rental contract establishes a monthly rent of 382.01 German marks, the equivalent of 193 euros. It hasn't increased since she moved in.

Other tenants moved out to receive severance pay

Stolla was on the verge of giving up the cheap rent herself, reports “Bild”. In 2018, Altschwabing Projekt GmbH bought the house with the intention of renovating it and renting it out again at a higher price. Most of her neighbors accepted severance packages and moved out, Stolla says. But he was hesitant and stayed for now.

Shortly afterwards, the Munich monument protection authority vetoed the new owner's plans. Stolla says that since then there has been a court dispute and, at least until it is concluded, he will be able to continue living in Schwabing for 193 euros per month.