Those responsible for the FC Bayern I would be willing to sell two stars in the summer if there was a corresponding offer: Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman. This is reported by “Sport Bild”.

Due to Bayern's new salary policy: Coman is also at risk of being sold

Gnabry has been repeatedly mentioned in reports as a sales candidate in recent months. However, he is surprised that Coman's future at Bayern could be in danger. Bayern officials seemed happy with the Frenchman's performances in the past. Coman was generally trusted, especially in big games.

According to “Sport Bild”, the fact that Coman and Gnabry could end up on the sales list is due to the new salary policy that is going to be implemented at Bayern.

For this reason, the new sporting director of the FCB, Max Eberl, and his managers want to be more financially strict in the future when it comes to player salaries.

Davies' first victim of Bayern's new strategy

A “cut” is expected in the team. Gone are the days of high, guaranteed salaries and automatic pay increases.

Depending on the bosses' taste, too many players earn around €20 million or more a year. Among them are Harry Kane, Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Leroy Sané, Gnabry and Coman.

According to the report, Alphonso Davies was the first player affected by the club's new strategy. Bayern refused to meet the player's salary demands of around 20 million euros per year, presented him with a final offer of 12 to 13 million euros per year and asked for a response before Easter. Davies adviser Nick Huoseh publicly described this ultimatum as “unfair.”

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By Sebastian Mittag


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