Accordingly, the defendants are accused of providing alleged roof damage repair services primarily to older people. Offers were made either directly to the front door or in free weekly newspapers. In order to immediately repair the alleged damage, the defendants are said to have usually demanded large sums of money in cash without an invoice.

A total of 590 customs officers were dispatched to the Osnabrück, Leer, Hamburg and Berlin regions for searches. Among other things, special police units supported the measures. A large amount of evidence was seized, including computers, cell phones and seven firearms. Arrest warrants worth around 800,000 euros were also obtained.

According to the information, the investigation has been ongoing since mid-2022, twelve suspicious groups have been identified so far. According to current knowledge, they employ a large number of workers without properly registering them.

Charges against those responsible in the roofing industry include wage withholding and defrauding, as well as commercial fraud at the expense of social security funds. Investigations by the State Prosecutor's Office and the main customs office in Osnabrück were ongoing.

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