In early 2023, Carlo von Tiedemann had to be fitted with a pacemaker due to amyloidosis, a disease in which the heart no longer expands and contracts properly. Now the cult leader who worked in the NDR for over 50 years again developed very serious health problems. He spent eight weeks in the hospital fighting for his life. This was followed by four weeks of rehabilitation.

Carlo von Tiedemann was suffering from a bacterial infection

But what happened? As Carlo revealed to “”, his pacemaker had to be removed: “I came to the clinic with a bacterial infection of the coronary arteries. The pacemaker had to come out, it was life-threatening. It was very difficult for me to breathe and it was difficult for me to breathe.

In addition to heart problems, Tiedemann also contracted pneumonia and fractured a vertebra while in the hospital. “I was in a hospital bed due to heart problems and I broke a vertebra in my back. Fourth from the top, I don't know how it happened,” he explains.

Carlo von Tiedemann: “I just jumped away from death again

In addition to two heart surgeries, two back surgeries were also performed. “The spine had to be operated on with two very long procedures, and the follow-up treatment was also very painful. Now I have to learn how to move properly again. I couldn't move at first. I was completely frozen.” The TV star is sure: “I just jumped away from death again.”

After rehab, Carlo spends another month in inpatient short-term care in Schleswig-Holstein. “Then I hope the worst is over.” Then he goes back home to his wife Julia. His house in Quickborn has already been made accessible.

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