ZDF's junk show: Horst Lichter causes a short shock moment in “Bares für Rares”.

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Five-figure items are a real rarity in a show already full of rarities. This time it was again with “Cash for Rares”. Elsewhere, Horst Lichter caused a shock moment.

Buzzing and crackling – and suddenly the lights went out in the studio. Horst Lichter caused an electrical incident in Tuesday's “Bares für Rares”. But it was also electrifying and a rarity.

“It's a spectacle!” Horst Lichter exclaimed in amazement when he saw the magnificent specimen glistening on the expert's table in his show. And he was sure: “Turn off the lights and light a couple of candles and it will burn.” “Exquisite” was an extremely valuable bracelet. The seller, Remo, wanted to get rid of it in the name of his nephew – whose name he did not mention throughout the show – and bring home a good sum.

“Money for the rare” expert enthusiastically about “the highest art of jewelry”

The host wasn't the only one who was very impressed. Also Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel marveled: “This is a bracelet of the highest jewelry art. Really nice!” The candidate Remo came to the “Raha rážnte estest” studio to earn money from a bracelet he received as an inheritance from his grandmother. He needed a cash injection for his newly opened snack bar. He also has to renovate the house. Initial reactions in the studio strongly suggested that selling the bracelet could bring a lot of relief here.

The expert began to ramble: “20. At the beginning of the 20th century, the art of goldsmithing was so expressive and so subtle that today's goldsmiths can only wonder.” He also really liked the details. Among other things, he was fascinated by the alternating cut sapphire squares and countless transitional cut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds.

No Deal: The candidate takes the bracelet home again after gaining immense knowledge

Due to the lack of stamps, Heide Rezepa-Zabel could only guess about its origin: “In terms of finesse, I can't really imagine anything other than France.” He dated the platinum bracelet to the early Art Deco of the 1920s and saw influences from Islamic art. The jewel weighed 26.39 grams. Was value also important? The nephew would like 9,000 euros for it. The expert even went a step further. He estimated the narrow bracelet at 10,000-12,000 euros. Remo's eyes widened and his nephew should be happy.

The jewelry also prompted exclamations such as “Mega!” Beautiful and well preserved.” Susanne Steiger saw herself as the new owner and immediately put on a valuable bracelet with about 4.2 carats of diamonds. If these were not the best conditions for a good deal. But we rejoiced too soon: Susanne's highest offer was “all” 8,000 euros. Remo waved his hand. The hoped-for money injection for the snack table and the house did not materialize, at least initially.

Horst Lichter: “It was nice to meet you”

The next sale went even better: Gottfried and his daughter Yvonne had real collectibles with the Märklin railway collection with sales boxes. Gottfried's father-in-law once received it as a birthday present.

To test the function, the plug was adapted to modern sockets. Horst Lichter took over the testing, boldly joking (“It was nice to meet you”) – and sending the studio into a brief shock when he plugged it in. Apparently, due to the feedback, the studio lights went out for a while. Lichter felt a buzz in his legs. But immediately everything became clear. Nothing else had happened. “You can see it works,” the expert stated dryly.

A toy with the famous “crocodile” from the 1930s made it unscathed into the dealer's studio. Would an expertise of 380-480 euros be achievable? The locomotive, trailer and transformer easily reached 600 euros. Friedrich Häusser was now the proud owner.

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The original article “Horst Lichter causes a brief moment of shock at 'Bares für Rares'” is from Teleschau.

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