I'm glad it's intact: Angelika Allmann has been afraid for her leg for a long time.
Image: bender

Ten years ago, backcountry skier Angelika Allmann fell 800 meters. She thought her life was over. In the interview she talks about her thoughts during misfortune, loss and happiness.

Mrs. Allmann, a few weeks after her terrible accident, her hospital psychologist told her this phrase: “Gela, you have lost something: your previous life. That is why you can mourn your old life, because it is no longer there, because it is missing.”

For me there is one life until April 3, 2014. And another after.

What makes these lives different?

In the first, I walked through life carefree and perhaps a little naively. I wanted to achieve something without knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve. I ran up and down mountains all year long and felt very satisfied. When I was able to compete in mountain running and ski touring races, I was in my element. I couldn't have imagined anything better.


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