In Discofox, Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) and Valentin Lusin (37) went differently than planned. Most recently, the two were saved several times by calls from fans of Ann-Kathrin Bendixen: a fall and a nipple flash in “Let's Dance”. In the last show, they wanted to convince themselves again and didn't let the fall and the nipple flash stop them.

Despite the breakup, the dance couple received praise from the jury

It suddenly happened during Loi's contemporary track “Am I Enough.” Professional dancer Valentin Lusin, who was recently worried about his newborn daughter Stella, wore a Bendixen while running backwards during a performance – and ended up by the seat of his pants. But there is no time to get angry during the dance, so they continued undeterred. Then the next mishap: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen's top slipped when she lifted the figure. He quickly set it up and performed his performance. This earned him a lot of praise and recognition from juror Motsi Mabuse (43).

43-year-old: “His top was open. How much concentration and will is needed when you know: the whole of Germany will see your chest?” And further: “The fact is: you danced on, you didn't put your feelings in, so authentically.” Also Joachim Llambi (59) ), criticized the announcer Kathrin Bendixen on “Let's Dance” in episode 6 so much that the tears flowed, but praised: “Your best dance of the season.”

This time the jury gave it 19 points.

While Lusin said she was embarrassed by the fall, Bendixen said immediately after the dance: “I really gave it my all. The moment my top opened like that, I really didn't think about anything. I have to watch it again. I'm really panicking , that I'm just naked.”

Perhaps as a consolation: it wasn't clearly visible to millions of viewers. However, Mabuse, sitting just a few meters away with a direct view of the scene, was very sure that the celebrity dancer's chest was briefly visible.

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