Big reunion and two goodbyes on “Dance” (RTL and RTL+): After nine celebrities had to change dance partners last week, they were allowed to perform again with regular professionals on the seventh dance show on April 19. .

Two couples still had time to say goodbye: Sophia Thiel (29) and Alexandru Ionel (29) and Biyon Kattilathu (39) and Marta Arndt (34) had to leave the show. According to the jury's scores, which included last week's scores, Detlef D! Soost, Mark Keller and Lulu top 3.

The audience applauds Llamb for his criticism

Kattilathu and Arndt had previously performed a slow waltz to “Can't Stop The Feeling”. The criticism of Joachim Llamb (59) was so comprehensive that the audience applauded him. Whereupon Llambi also shared his criticism with the audience: “If you bully now, you have as much knowledge as Mr. Hartwich praised Motsi Mabuse (43), Jorge González (56) found it not so catastrophic.” . The “Glückgehabt” team, as Arndt called themselves, received 18 points for their performance – and then their luck ran out.

Jana Wosnitza (30) was allowed to compete in rumba. “Actually, no dance has ever been this hard for me,” she said at practice. In a dress that looked more like a boldly draped scarf, the host brought sensuality to the dance floor to a slow version of “Can't Take My Eyes Off You.” González: “You've charmed me and it's hard! How sexy Jana is today!” Overall score: 23.

Sophia Thiel danced her jive in '80s leopard print aerobics. A quick dance in high heels to “Physical” pushed the fitness influencer to her limits. The mistakes did not go unnoticed by the jury either. Llambi threatened: “These are the things that have to be now, so now it's going twice.” 16 points were received for the performance.

Dance couple Ann-Kathrin Bendixen and Valentin Lusin fell

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) danced her feelings in contemporary. The song in the show – “Am I Enough” made it easy for him: “I keep asking myself: am I enough?” The dance started strong, but influencer and professional dancer Valentin Lusin (37) fell while lifting a figure. which even tore Bendixen's top. Lusin was then embarrassed: “It was all choreographed, of course.” Llambi still said: “That was your best dance: 19 points.”

Gabriel Kelly (22) was happy about his samba dance: “Party, atmosphere, good mood!” On the open-shirted dance floor, Kelly was no match for her pro dancer counterpart in terms of presence and energy. A very proud father, Angelo Kelly (42), was also in the audience. “Dad went off like a suppository in the first row!” Llambi announced. And: “You went like a fire engine!” The jury awarded 21 points for a powerful performance.

Detlef D! Zoost enthused about Rumba: “Pure sex”

Detlef D! Soost, 53, and Ekaterina Leonova, 36, danced a super-slow rumba to “Ain't No Sunshine,” with Soost performing a hip swing that inspired the judges to make all sorts of sexual innuendos. Mabuse laughed at Soost's “snake move”: “I've seen a lot of rumba in my life, but never in such a way that Soost even overshadowed Leonova.” Llambi gave full marks and evaluated: “It was pure sex, that's how rumba should be!” Overall rating: 26 points.

This was followed by the jive of singer Lulu (32) and Massimo Sinató (43). In “Hit The Road Jack” they played a kind of Bonnie and Clyde couple who danced their way into prison in a good mood and made them forget about the bad reviews of the previous week. González: “Energy bomb!”, Llambi: “Full of rhythm, so much better than last week!” They received 27 points from the jury.

Mark Keller gets full marks

Mark Keller, 58, and Kathrin Menzinger, 35, danced a deliberately silly Charleston as Mary Poppins and the chimney sweep, in which every step was perfect. Even the jury joined in standing up. Llambi: “It was your business!” Mabuse: “That's the way it should be!” points.

Tony Bauer (28) completed “7 years” with a contemporary. The comedian did little wrong, but also revealed too little about himself. “I want you to give yourself even more,” Llambi said, referring to the emotional dance. Bauer explained, “I cried so much I'd rather laugh.” You got 19 points for being in a good mood all the time.

Then, with Ballermann's hits, the pairs were able to win ten extra points in the Discofox marathon. After eight long minutes, Lulu and Massimo were the last couple on the dance floor and could expect ten bonus points and a beer cap.

“Sophia Thiel and Biyon Kattilathu to leave 'Let's Dance'” were originally from News.