Koo He is increasingly reaching the limit of his nasty game: “It's not pretty to lie to someone's face all the time.”

The TV audience knows, Xander's girlfriend Lisa knows, only Antonia Hemmer (24) and some of her potential lovers in the Greek holiday villa are in the dark: whether her current favorite Xander (25) is chasing his heart or is it. more like 50,000 euros? Prize money?

The beautiful single lady definitely has feelings for the bartender from Munich: “I think he's very good, but I'm also extremely suspicious.” He should, because only those who are truly in love overlook the wooden, machine-like attitude that Xander emphasizes repeatedly. : “Why should I have a girlfriend? I don't have one. Come here and cuddle with me.”

“If you are taken, I will destroy you.”

And while Antonia continues to melt (“How long can I keep this up?”) and rummages through the plaid bedspreads of the dorm with Xander, Xander's girlfriend Lisa watches the (pseudo)love happenings right next door. Sharing a fate with Antonia's supposedly single other partners (and life partner), she admits she underestimated the emotional demands of the format: “It's a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes I want to quit the game right away, sometimes I think, “We came here together and we're going out together.”

“What if Antonia ends up choosing Xander?” says “partner” Dominik. “Then I say, 'I'm sorry, girl,'” Lisa said defiantly. After all, even during a kiss break with Antonia, Xander wore a sweater that the couple had previously marked as an “I'm thinking of you” sign. to constantly lie to someone's face.” Antonia's pitiful words, too, may sound, For she boldly threatened, “If you are taken, I swear I will destroy you.”

“You look at me like beggar dogs”

When it comes to a gorgeous woman, your health or a hefty sum of money, there is a lot at stake. After kicking out Tobias, Christian and Okan, the group of men has become “smaller and more intimate”. “Now more and more elbows and claws are being extended,” Antonia has mixed feelings about the upcoming period. And despite Xander's clear preference, he also thoroughly tests competitors through their pace and other body parts. “I hear slapping sounds!” says Angelo (24) unmistakably as Antonia and Julian (26) kiss and become the proud bearer of Antonia's bedroom key, the “Key of Love”.

Antonia's choice to be a Saarbrücken sales representative does not only shock Nico (28). A vehicle painter from Hamburg had also requested lodging with a beautiful woman, laughed at her (“You always look at me like a beggar dog”) and had to settle for a vague reply: “The lady is quiet and enjoying herself.” goes out with a competitor, upsets him: “Makes him uninteresting to me.” “He can't help it, he has to test,” Dennis (29) tries to explain the rules of the game to Nicole with Angelo's support. “He needs to see who has the most passion in him.”

The mood of alpha males becomes increasingly uncomfortable

Lisa, her friend, tries her best to see that it's definitely Xander at the moment as part of the game they agreed on: “We'll still rock together.” In any case, Xander is in a big vanguard against “Love.” Key” owner Julian, who is labeled either bisexual or homosexual by the scorned gentlemen. “Now it's going to be hard for me,” suspects the rather mild-mannered Julian, and swears “by my family and by all that is holy” that he will not be forgiven.

However, the mood among the alpha males becomes more and more uncomfortable, and Antonia has only one word for the future consequences: “Put yourselves together for my sake and love each other. And anyone who walks out of here with a woman will get slapped by me.

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