“In a relationship, you should never try to limit and domesticate the other person,” said the 63-year-old Austrian Tatort actor in a double interview with his wife to the “Augsburger Allgemeine” newspaper. Ann-Kathrin Kramer takes a similar view: “As long as the couple moves together, things go great, even if things are sometimes stormy,” the 58-year-old (born April 4, 1966) told the newspaper. “It's challenging and not very comfortable, but it's full of possibilities,” he added. “The opposite would be the rigidity of relationships and the fear of losing another person,” he added.

Krassnitzer: “This difference between two people is beautiful”

Krassnitzer emphasized that there is no point in trying to carve out a partner. “This difference between the two people is beautiful, they complement each other in many things,” he explained. “I think it's best to give the other person space to develop as they wish.” This is half the battle for a long and good relationship. He is someone who only knows his way out of his chaos and he admires his wife for being so structured and organized. “Because it holds my back and protects me. It's like a rope team. I can climb a wall without fear because I know someone else is holding the rope.

Kramer calls her husband 'a complete work of art'

Kramer emphasized that there are many qualities about him that he appreciates, and did not want to emphasize any of them in particular. “Because my husband is a complete work of art,” she added. “Harald is simply the most empathetic person I know. He also often carries the burden of the world and other people on his shoulders because he hopes that maybe he can help.”

The couple, who have lived together for 25 years and been married for 15 years, can be seen together as a fictional couple in the ZDF comedy series “The Anders Family” next Sunday. However, their movie characters have little to do with their reality: “If our private lives were reflected through these roles, things would look very bleak for us,” Kramer said. “Probably true. Then we wouldn't be together anymore,” agreed Krassnitzer.

This article “Couple of actors together for 25 years: this is the recipe for the success of their love” is originally from the website BUNTE.de.

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