Leverkusen's guarantees of success: Granit Xhaka, Xabi Alonso and Jonathan Tah (from left)
Image: image alliance / SVEN SIMON

Granit Xhaka is the center of Leverkusen's game. In the interview, the Swiss speaks about how he wants to win the most important match in the Bundesliga against Bayern with Bayer 04 and become German champion.

Mr. Xhaka, what beautiful football you play with Bayer. Leverkusen Playing inspires people all over Europe, although so far only Leipzig, Munich and Dortmund have challenged you at the top level. Do you know how good you really are?

Now I think we don't have to hide from any opponent. For example, we have a score of 2:2 in Munich We played a very, very high level match in which, in my opinion, we could have even won. It was also good to see in other games how strong we can play.