Erik Slater, a journalist for the NBA club Brooklyn Nets, drives his car while discussing the events of the NBA trade deadline with other colleagues. In the middle of the live discussion on platform

Erik Slater, a reporter for the NBA club Brooklyn Nets, was involved in a car accident while covering the basketball league's trade deadline. The incident, which occurred live, left listeners shocked and concerned for the reporter's well-being.

During live broadcast: NBA reporter involved in car accident

As Slater drove his car, he spoke live with other experts about the much-publicized exchange between Spencer Dinwiddie and German NBA star Dennis Schröder in a session on Platform X.

As Slater is about to continue his evaluation of Spencer Dinwiddie, a loud bang is suddenly heard in the middle of his sentence. This was followed by the sound of brakes, desperate screams and another crash, leaving listeners concerned.

An expert at the meeting eventually asked about Slater's condition, to which he confirmed that he was fine.

“I'm doing well. I have to go now, guys.”

Slater then left the conversation, presumably to deal with the consequences of the accident.