Bernd Hölzenbein, German football icon and defining figure of Eintracht Frankfurt, has left the world of football. After a life full of sporting triumphs and personal challenges, he is He died at the age of 78. .

The death of Bernd Hölzenbein after a long and serious illness marks the end of an era. While the exact cause of his death has not been made public, it is known that he had recently been battling severe dementia.

His loss weighs heavily on Eintracht Frankfurt, where he was a defining figure for almost six decades. His commitment as a player, official and ambassador of Eintracht leaves a legacy that goes far beyond his sporting successes. With Bernd Hölzenbein the world of football loses an extraordinary character and a person who lived his passion for this sport until the end.

Eintracht record scorer: Bernd Hölzenbein's career

From amateur footballer from Dehrn in central Hesse to world champion: Bernd Hölzenbein He experienced a career like the book. After her transfer to
Eintracht Frankfurt
In 1966, the striker became a key player and eventually the club's top scorer. With 160 goals in 460 Bundesliga games, he set standards that are still valid today.

The doubts that accompanied him despite his successes made him human and accessible. As part of the legendary trio “Frankfurts Stolz – Grabi and Holz”, he became an idol for many fans and left indelible memories, such as his legendary goal in the UEFA Cup against Dinamo Bucharest.

His role in
1974 World Cup Final
and the associate degree not only marked his career, but also the history of German football.

Bernd Hölzenbein's net worth: this is known

The financial circumstances of Bernd Hölzenbein are not known in detail, and despite his success he remained modest. His long career as a Bundesliga player Eintracht Frankfurt , his time in the United States and his subsequent involvement as an official and manager suggest that he has considerable wealth. As the owner of a tennis and squash center, he probably also led a business life that allowed him and his family to have a good life.

However, in 2001 Hölzenbein was involved in a trial for tax evasion. He was sentenced to a seven-month suspended sentence and 300 hours of community service. According to his own statements, they have 300,000 marks legal costs almost led the world champion to financial ruin.

Wife Jutta and their children: the world champion's family

Bernd Hölzenbein He was not only a leader in the field, but also known in private circles as a family man. He found family happiness with his wife Jutta. Among them were his two children, Sascha and Sabrina, as well as his grandchildren.

Hölzenbein strangely learned through the press about the birth of his son Sascha during the 1978 World Cup. Even when Hölzenbein withdrew from the public and protected his private life from the media, the family was always supportive of the world champion. , as he highlighted.


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