This summer, fans from all over Europe are expected in Germany for the European Football Championship. In England there are now surprised reactions to a UEFA recommendation.

Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt and Cologne: for them English Fans head to western Germany during the group stage of the 2024 European Championship.

The “Three Lions” are called to play against Serbia at the “Arena AufSchalke” (June 16). Then it will be against Denmark at the “Frankfurt Arena” (June 20).

English fans should spend the night in the train station district.

The ticket for the round of 16 against Slovenia should be won at the latest in the last match of the group stage at the Rhein-Energie stadium in Cologne, which during the European Championship (June 25) will be known as “Cologne Stadium ”.

English fans are expected to arrive in droves. But in the homeland of football, a UEFA recommendation is causing outrage and panic.

That's why European On its official match advice page in Frankfurt, the Football Federation recommends spending the night in the train station district, which is especially attractive due to its central location.

The truth is that the area is known to have a somewhat dubious reputation. However, Frankfurt has this in common with the train station districts of many other large cities.

It has to happen again and again. police around the train station for drugs and violent crimes. News of this also spread to England.

“The most dangerous slum in Germany”

The British tabloid “The Sun” scathingly warns its readers about “Germany's most dangerous slum” and even describes Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel as “zombie land.”

“I don't think it's right for UEFA to recommend fans stay in this area. Things can get worse quickly there,” the newspaper quotes Peter Postleb, long-time head of the “Clean Frankfurt” department. However, the vast majority of English fans will have already booked their overnight stays a long time ago.

Only last November was a no-weapons zone created around Frankfurt train station to increase security. The ban applies from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

By Antje Rehse


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