Lady of the World – Celle's Ingelore alias “Lo” is evident at first glance with her international character. In 1981, the now 68-year-old emigrated to California “for love”. 43 years later, she presents herself as newly in love again: “It's so nice that I can experience it again,” she looks at her life partner Stefan (66) with a blissful look.

Where did they meet? Not in the “First Dates Hotel” (VOX), in which the extremely attractive pensioner has already participated, but: “On the Internet, like everyone else,” admitted Lo slyly. “Don't let anyone tell you I'm not digital,” she warns confidently, setting the timer for her potato gratin using Siri — in two languages. Lo also dedicates his menu motto to the innovative tech landscape of his second home.

Lo's culinary journey between two worlds and a tribute to the innovation of the US West Coast

The workplace in Lo's spacious kitchen is framed by two flags – the flag of the “California Republic” with a running brown bear and the state of Lower Saxony with its horse on a white background. “I lived in the US for 40 years, but I learned my influence here,” says the proud owner of an old wooden house with such gadgets (Lo) as chandeliers and countless horns (“My father was a great hunter”). Not only because of his new love for the German, he has now chosen it as his main residence: “I like a lot of things in Germany and my daughter also lives here.”

It's not clear what he likes so much about Germany – perhaps, among other things, the certified straw pork that becomes the fillet for his main course. Or “good butter” (Lo), used in abundance for gratins and chocolate cakes: “In California, women pay more attention to their features.”

Otherwise, their menu is a nod to the hippie and innovative spirit of the US West Coast: the table decoration is the Golden Gate Bridge decorated with daisies, the zucchini soup filled with tuna and celery salad, and the avocado half is an appetizer of chives. and healthy, pork fillet with “exotic sauce” is at least “listed on the stock exchange” according to the menu description. And the dessert “with chocolate port wine gate, warm berry flavor and cookie cream” (Andrea, 57: “Not exactly classic, but delicious”) promises “digital decadence”.

With Lo's well-groomed manners (“We have a welcome drink in the barn”) and the relaxed atmosphere at the start, Lo's dinner will be a completely analog success. “Like God in France, only not in France,” says Eric (49) about the culinary pleasure and immediately gives the maximum 10 points. With a score of 27 out of 30 on the abbreviated dinner week, he confidently takes the lead (“Yay!”) and fulfills his prediction: “I'll do my best!”

This article “Candidate Lo Dedicates Dinner to Her Adopted Home in California” was originally from Teleschau.

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