SEven though everything in America looks like a repeat of the 2020 presidential election, it has always been clear that a “rematch” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is associated with uncertainties. That's just the nature of things when an 81-year-old man competes against someone who will soon be 78. Last fall, Kamala Harris was asked whether she would be prepared to take over the presidency, given Biden's age. The Vice President confirmed this, but immediately added that the case would not occur because the President remained healthy.

Majid Sattar

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

Biden had already been confronted with questions about his health before taking office. This wasn't just due to his stiff gait and his occasional stutter. There were repeated lapses, moments in which Biden stared in confusion or said things that his people had not written into the text of his speech. Like when he said before Christmas that he wasn't sure if he would run again if Trump didn't do it. He had involuntarily admitted that he knew he had reached his limits.