There have really been only two topics in the German celebrity world in recent weeks – and both were related to Stefan Raab, 57. On the one hand, there was the ejection of host Elton (53) from “Beat the Star”. The show is part of Raab's cosmos. In contrast, the return of Raab's show was accompanied by much debate. This was announced in an Instagram video. Raab said she wants to get as many followers as influencer Pamela Reif, 27, in three days. Their social media colleague Dagi Bee (29) criticizes this plan.

Raab's return is criticized on the Dagi Bee podcast

On Dag's podcast Coffee with Lemon, which he co-hosts with Tina Dzialas, 28, the two women talk about Raab's comeback, which has led to the announcement of a boxing match with Regina Halmich, 47. “I don't want to say that Stefan Raab isn't a legend of German television – he is – but I think it's weak for his comeback,” says Tina.

He didn't like how this return to the public was promoted. Both women are particularly upset that she wanted to gain nine million followers in three days to be as successful as fitness influencer Pamela Reif.

Dagi Bee: “If You Have Followers, Do Something”

“I don't think it was serious,” said Dagi, who with 6.7 million fans is one of the most successful internet stars in the country. He even adds: “If I was Pamela, I don't think it's funny at all. To get this utopian goal – and she's been working her ass off for ten years and you think that just because you're a legend. Maybe I'm taking it too seriously or something, but it just didn't make me laugh.

Dagi Bee, one of Germany's most successful influencers, admits: “I didn't quite understand it either.” Far from the nine million goal, but still a very impressive number. Therefore, Dagi demands from Raab: “It's just that if you have followers now, do something now! Maybe don't wait until August or September to fight.”

Dagi Bee became known through her YouTube videos and became one of the first real internet stars in Germany alongside Bianca “Bibi” Claßen (31). He has 3.92 million subscribers on the video platform. Over 6.7 million on Instagram. Therefore, significantly more than the former “TV total” presenter Stefan Raab.

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