Top player Gerwyn Price (38) caused a stir in a darts tournament in Wigan against Brendan Dolan by leaving the match when the score was 2:4. “Absolutely deplorable conditions,” the former world champion wrote in one instagram-Publish on Monday night. “You travel to Wigan to play a professional match and then you have to play in amateur conditions.” Price did not go into further detail. When halftime arrived, Dolan was just two steps away from victory.

Frustrated Price: “I've never abandoned a game”

“I have never abandoned a game. Well, that means I'll be out tomorrow too,” Price said. “It's a shame, because today my game was really good and I trust a lot in these events.” Before the duel with Dolan, Price scored victories against Karel Sedlacek (6:5) and Matthew Dennant (6th) in the so-called Players. Championship 1 :2) celebrated.

Darts prodigy Littler throws nine darts

Luke Littler, a 17-year-old darts prodigy, scored a rare nine-dart 6-1 against Michele Turetta in the same event. With the minimum number of nine arrows, the vice world champion achieved 501 points to 0, which is considered a perfect game in darts.