Chiefs coach Andy Reid (center) with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Image: AFP

Football Coach Andy Reid is a great coach and father figure for the Kansas City Chiefs. With his third Super Bowl win in five years, he accomplished what should not be possible in the NFL.

dAndy Reid calmly dismissed the question of the meaning of this title which, there is no longer a doubt, will make him a legend. Instead of answering them, the man with the enormous mustache simply grabbed the microphone and shouted the battle cry of the Kansas City Chiefs in the cold night: “How about those Chiefs?” Literally translated: Well, what do you think of these Bosses? But that also meant: Look, we've done it again!

Reid, a football coach and three-time Super Bowl winner as of last Sunday night, will be able to avoid it forever. National Football League (NFL), the question of what this title means, but no. Because the question that initially referred to the present, the triumphant victory after overtime in the final against the San Francisco 49ers, because this question is also a question that refers to the future. And there's a lot at stake with Andy Reid.