After spending more than two weeks in an Australian jungle camp and abstaining from alcohol and partying, the ex-jungle camp residents have a lot to catch up on: Instead of tarantula and pig's uterus, oysters, lobster and salmon are on the menu in the evenings. after party. Probably the biggest reason to celebrate was the new queen of the jungle, Lucy Diakovska, 47, who roamed the dance floor with her campmates all night. At a nearby yacht club, the jungle guests were popping their corks and there was no stopping them. After a long and wild night of partying, all the party guests headed to their hotel rooms one by one – or not. Because according to Kim Virginia Hartung (28), her ex-lover was apparently standing in front of her door…

Kim didn't meet a new man, but “warmed up to one”

The after party had an exuberant atmosphere and the stars peacefully celebrated with each other – even Kim and Leyla Lahouar, 27, who both wanted to get close to jungle heartthrob Mike Heiter, 31. Leyla explained to Bild that Kim wanted to talk to her at the party: “I didn't want any negative vibes, so we just talked and were in a good mood. My opinion of him hasn't changed, but I don't wish him anything bad.” For dating show expert Mike, things didn't work out with both women in the end, and it was clear to him: Nothing will work out with Kim. future. But after the prom, not everyone is so sure…

Kim then reveals on “Bild”: “Yes, Mike was partying somewhere after the after-show party and then suddenly knocked on my door around three in the morning and wanted to do something with me. But I didn't let him in.” But after the first statement that she had rejected her ex-lover, Kim still leaves unanswered questions for “RTL”: “You haven't met a man, you've warmed up,” she laughs. At first, he did not want to reveal more details, but then he openly admitted that he spent the night with an acquaintance. But what does Mike say about these stories?

Mike vehemently denies Kim's “bullshit”.

What is certain is that after the after-show party, Mike wanted to check out the “inside of the clubs” with the production staff. But the reality TV legend seems to vehemently deny anything else. When “RTL” confronted former jungle camper Kim with her stories, she asserted, “She's talking nonsense again!” To him they were all lies, he didn't even talk to her. His version of the story was confirmed at the same time by his companion Eugen Lopez.

For Twenty4Tim, there is only one truth

However, other jungle candidates have doubts about Mike's story. In particular, Kim's new jungle best friend, Twenty4Tim, 23, seems to know more than he's letting on. He tells RTL that he knows the whole story but cannot comment on it. On the day of his departure, however, he greets the sleepy party guests and gives them an overview of what is going on.

Cora Schumacher 'prefers to keep another version of Kim and Mike to herself'

The morning after the after-party, the fatigue of the revelers is still written on their faces. But Twenty4Tim did his beauty routine before leaving and wanted to meet fellow contestants on the bus. In his Instagram story, he takes fans with him and waits first for his “diva” Cora Schumacher (47). Tim motivates her to rock her hips on the “podium”. Full of energy, she runs towards the bus and sends Tim a kiss to the spectators. The influencer wanted to “always get to know Cora as a person without a last name” – “and I learned to love you, I really like you,” Cora responds, touched. The 47-year-old then begins to tell the camera: “And we're having a baby in Germany soon” – with Tim ending his sentence with the word “baby” as they both laugh at the camera.

Cora also heard rumors about Kim and Mike's night: There were now two different versions for her: “That he was at her door and sent home,” but she preferred to keep the other story to herself, Cora said. ​​RTL.

Twenty4Tim also gives a warm welcome to Kim's companion, his shaman. After joking about Kim's “lack of airtime,” he also heads for the bus, just in case all the celebs get on the bus — because Mike and Kim still aren't there.

Was “just drinking” really on Mike and Kim's agenda yesterday?

Shortly before departure, Mike finally sees the light of day and walks out of the hotel with a hangover: Twenty4Tim greets him with sunglasses and a hoodie: “If you drink a lot the day before, you just have to walk around in sunglasses and a sweater the next day. day.” – “Right,” Mike agrees in a tired voice. But Tim asks himself and his fans one question on Instagram: “Was it just drinking?”

Mike isn't the only one running late: Kim also says in her Instagram story, wearing full-face sunglasses, that she completely overslept. After what seemed like 40 alarm clocks, he was too late. Instead of being at the meeting place at 10 o'clock, he opened his eyes here first. He gets on the bus on time and sets off to cold Germany with the other candidates. On the way to the airport, Kim and Mike continued to avoid each other.