Harry Kane's three children were involved in a car accident in the Munich area. As it turned out, her nanny was behind the wheel and stopped the car safely.

Kane's children had to be taken to the hospital

The accident happened late in the evening near Schäftlarn in the district of Munich on state road 2071, “Bild” reports. A 20-year-old man drove his Renault onto the highway. When the woman wanted to turn left, her car crashed into an oncoming black Mercedes Vito, in which were three children of the Bayern star. According to “Bild”, the police have started criminal proceedings against the 20-year-old Renault driver for negligence in causing bodily injury.

As reported by the Sun, the black Mercedes Vito was driven by Harry Kane's babysitter. Kane's babysitter allegedly prevented even worse things from happening. Because he kept his cool, he was able to avoid colliding with other cars. “The babysitter did an incredible job protecting the children,” says a family friend. “He really averted a disaster.”

But the 24-year-old was anything but “cool” inside; he was said to be terribly afraid. Still, he didn't hesitate for a second and was able to get Harry Kane's children out of the car unharmed. However, Louis (3), Vivienne (5) and Ivy (7) were taken to a local hospital as a precaution. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Damage in the five-figure range

The damaged road was closed for two hours and damage amounting to tens of thousands of euros was caused.

After the accident, the Renault driver crashed into another car, a Land Rover with three occupants, in a black Mercedes. According to “Bild”, all people involved in the accident generally received minor injuries. In addition to ambulances, helicopters were also used to transport the injured to the hospital. Harry Kane was briefed after landing in London.

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