The pharmaceutical giant DM has opened a new branch in the Karlsruhe Durlach Center, where customers can see the company's new store concept with their own eyes. As DM itself says, it should be a “new spatial experience” that offers customers more guidance.

Customers should be able to better orient themselves in new DM markets

The objective is to more clearly divide the different product areas and provide them with visual identification elements. The areas also follow different mottos. The place where customers print photos is equipped with bar stools and has the motto “Chill”, while the beauty area aims to demonstrate “Glory”. In the future, healthcare items will be marked with stylized ginko leaves above the shelves, and household items will be marked with stylized houses.

The general director of expansion, Markus Trojansky, confirmed to Bild that DM will invest one billion euros in the remodeling. The plan is to equip all branches with the new design concept until 2030. About 300 stores will be renovated each year. The goal is for the client to finally feel like a tourist in Paris through the “principle of the cognitive map.”

The new range of home accessories is very well received

Due to high demand, a recently launched product division will also be widely expanded. The iconic Durlach Center market has an area with wooden shelves containing home accessories. “The new range of home accessories has been so well received that we plan to expand it and extend it everywhere,” says Sebastian Bayer, general director of marketing and purchasing at DM, who considers that the success of the division is logical because: “It adapts to the domestic sphere: first I clean my house and then I beautify it.”

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