Joie de vivre after coming out: Thomas Hitzlsperger also talks about his professional period in which he suffered.
Image: Picture Alliance/dpa

Fear of declaring yourself a footballer: does it have to remain that way? The barriers between active players have not yet disappeared, but the fans have already moved forward. This is what a new documentary shows.

dThe usual dramaturgy of sports documentaries usually foresees this climax at some point towards the end, where amazing things are achieved or small miracles come true. Tastefully colorful, inspiring and loud. The movie “The Last Taboo,” available on Amazon Prime since Tuesday, also follows this pattern, although with a rather surprising climax. After Czech footballer Jakub Jankto publicly declared that he was gay, his club Sparta Prague is scheduled to play a match against archrival Banik Ostrau.

The clubs and the Czech league expect strong hostilities and insults, the police are alerted and the coach at first does not dare to field Jankto. And when the midfielder finally comes in, nothing happens. The normality of the moment is moving. Because it makes visible that some fears are a problem. homosexuality may be unfounded and that there are reasons for optimism. At least where it matters most: at the grassroots level.